Iqbal Bedi

Iqbal Bedi

Iqbal Singh Bedi was appointed to the EDLC Board of Directors in August 2016 as an Independent Director.

Iqbal is currently a Director of a global management consulting firm.

He is an established public speaker and has delivered keynote presentations in the UK, Europe and Africa on digital inclusion, broadband, strategy, data centres and broadband investment strategies.

Iqbal has advised libraries and museums on digital inclusion aspects. He is a Bearsden resident and father to 3 girls.

Register of Interests

Background – Members of the Company’s Board, General Manager and Company Secretary are expected to act impartially and objectively, and to take steps to avoid any material conflict of interest arising as a result of their membership of, or association with, other organisations or individuals. According the Company requires that members of the Board, General Manager and the Company Secretary should declare any personal or business interest which may conflict with their responsibilities to the Company.

1 (a) Posts held in the ordinary course of employment or practice. Director of Intelligens Consulting Limited
1 (b) Any office held in a professional body, specialist society or other similar body in the public, private or voluntary sector.  Independent Director of EDLCT Board
2 Any significant holding of shares or securities held by you. (> 25% of the capital value of the company)  None
3 Gifts and hospitality (excluding isolated gits of an insignificant nature or inexpensive seasonal gifts or normal hospitality)  None