Youth Music


Music Machine Introduction

This Music Machine resource has been created for teachers, music specialists and non-specialist educators.  It is recommended for use with groups of children aged three to eight years old but is adaptable for use with older children, in parallel with learning an instrument. 

“The Music Machine course consists of a compact library of highlight effective and thoroughly tested techniques and resources. The combination is ideal because all activities have been developed to be almost infinitely adaptable. Course leaders will be able to tailor the presentation according to the age and experience of the group, ensuring that participating children achieve the highest possible levels of performance, musical understanding and sight reading."

Kirsty Hamilton, Quavers Music


About Youth Music Forum

The Youth Music Forum aims to bring together East Dunbartonshire’s music community through networking and training opportunities with the aim to create a forum which will act as a platform for communication, sharing of resources, practice and partnership working to ensure quality provision of musical opportunities for young people in East Dunbartonshire.

The forum was established in May 2013  and following a consultation period produced a report  which will inform the Forum's future outcomes. The Youth Music Forum Report was published in  August 2013.  We aim to create the infrastructure for a continued forum made up of a breadth of members with a range of skills, experience and knowledge. A main outcome will be the involvement of young people in all activities and their valued contribution as Music Forum Members.

  • Do you work with young people and music within the community?
  • Are you a young person who is part of a band or music group?
  • Do you have an interest in offering quality music opportunities to young people in East Dunbartonshire?

For more information or to be added to the youth music forum web mail please contact or 0141 777 3092.

This opportunity has been provided in partnership with Creative Scotland's Youth Music Initiative Fund.

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