Bookbug for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers

Bookbug logoIt's never too soon to introduce books and reading to babies and children! Bookbug is an exciting national scheme which encourages parents and carers to enjoy books with their children from an early age. It aims to develop a life-long love of books through story and song.

The Bookbug scheme encourages parents to see themselves as their child’s first teacher.

Sharing books helps build language skills, give confidence, and nurture a long-lasting enjoyment of books.

Bookbug packs are usually gifted to babies around 6 weeks - 6 months by their health visitor.

At around thirteen months, they are also gifted a Bookbug Toddler pack from their health visitor, and all three year-olds are gifted a Bookbug Explorer pack in their early year setting.

Children are also gifted a Bookbug pack in Primary 1.

All the Bookbug packs are also available in Gaelic Format.

Libraries also hold a supply of these packs, which all include free books, information about local library activities and services, and valuable skills on sharing books. ASN books are also available to supplement the Bookbug packs.

For more information, contact the Children & Families team on 0141 777 3036

Bookbug hopes to welcome even more carers, babies and children into libraries to use the resources available to them. 


Bookbug Sessions

Clap your hands, touch your toes, turn around and put your finger on your nose!

Come along to a Bookbug session with your baby or toddler and enjoy rhymes, songs, tickles, bounces and books. It is also a good opportunity to meet other parents/carers.

For details of session dates, times and locations, have a look in our What’s On brochure.

Bookbug sessions can be booked online