Club support

Minimum Operating Requirements (MOR)

Our MOR is a quality assurance programme to ensure that all Clubs in the area are providing the right environment which ensures the welfare of all involved and encourages sustainability within sport.

This was launched in 2016.  


No club can run without the dedication and hard work of its volunteers, they are an integral part of any club and there are as many different reasons to volunteer as there are volunteering roles.

Why volunteer?

Many people volunteer to enhance their CV,  their  job prospects or their University application, but you may have your own personal reasons to volunteer. Maybe you want to make new friends, learn a new skill, gain confidence or put something back into a sport you like - there is an opportunity for you no matter what age you are!

What can a volunteer do?

We often think that its just about 'volunteer coaching' but clubs need many other skill sets and volunteering need not be time intensive as there are many roles you could do that fit in with your own commitments. You will have skills that can help a local club, find out how you can help by contacting us to discuss what you can offer.

Coach Education

EDLC provide a variety of coach education opportunities to ensure that clubs, coaches and volunteers are properly supported to provide quality coaching services within the area.

This is an important part of any Clubs development and further information can be found here.


A variety of local and national funding streams are available to clubs for a range of purposes.

Funding and finance is an issue that faces every club, no matter how big or small. Financial aid is available to help put coaches through courses, training volunteer, purchasing equipment or developing other important areas of the club as necessary.

Please get in contact if our club and volunteer officer can support you with funding.

Club Coach and Volunteer Awards

Our 2016 Awards Ceremony took place at Lenzie Golf Club and it was a very successful night celebrating the achievements of club volunteers.

Full details on our 2017 event will be made available from May 2017.