Coach, volunteer parent education

Would you like to gain experience in coaching or even further your coaching qualifications? If so there are a number of courses available for you!

The Club and Volunteer Development Officer works with the various governing bodies of Sport and Sports Coach UK to organise and run sports coach education courses. There are a huge variety of courses to choose from, whether you are an existing coach or starting as a beginner, there are introductory courses, as well as professional development courses.

Why attend a coach education course?

  • To support, coaches, teachers, leaders, volunteers, students and parents. Opportunities for training and lifelong learning by providing pathways to develop their skills.
  • To promoting coaching and coach development opportunities through a range of initiatives to raise the profile of coaching.
  • To development of new coaches and sports leaders by enhancing links with schools and local sports clubs.
  • To actively recruiting potential coaches, volunteers and officials into sport.
  • To raise the profile of volunteering in sport with East Dunbartonshire.

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Anti Bullying
Child Wellbeing
Emergency First Aid

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In Safe Hands Child Wellbeing
Emergency First Aid

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Child wellbeing
In Safe Hands
Health and Safety

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