Volunteering Hours

If you are working towards your Saltire Award or Duke of Edinburgh we have a few options on how you can build up your hours with EDLC Trust. Active Schools can offer? We can also offer the opportunity to work alongside qualified coaches in our sports development classes where we cover a wide range of sports and levels. Finally, we have a number of local clubs within our communities where you could offer your time supporting their club vision and assisting with their activities.

The coaches and coordinators working with you would be able to sign off on your hours, give you help and pointers to help you develop and help you work along our volunteer pathway.

Understandability you may have a question or a number of questions around volunteering, please see some of the questions we have received to date, if you feel you have the same or similar question please complete the online application and we can get back to you. 

  • Is volunteering for me? 
  • Will I get paid work at the end of my volunteering? 
  • How and where can I volunteer? 
  • What are some good digital volunteer opportunities?
  • Where can I do my volunteer hours?
  • Will sport clubs and the community really benefit from my presence? How?
  • Are there any circumstances where my lack of experience can hinder me from volunteering?
  • How much time is really needed for me to have a positive effect on a sports club and the community?
  • Can I volunteer online?