Customer Review

ok so the booking process is very straightforward and easy to navigate allowing you to see what slots are available as well as how busy the gym might be.
The one-way clock-wise system limits the potential for any bottle-necks around the machines which should reassure any member who are concerned about the social distancing aspects. On that subject, each machine is clearly marked out with the safety zone so no one should be in any danger of coming into close contact with another member.

Upon arrival, each member can see and adhere to the social distancing outside and an attendant comes out, confirms the name of each person to ensure that only those that are booked gain access which provides reassurance for the member that the maximum number is being adhered to, while allowing the gym to keep records of who is attending should there ever be a need to contact anyone following a visit.
Upon entering the gym, there are the usual gel dispensers and everyone is provided with a bottle of disinfectant which they are encouraged to use prior to utilizing the machine and once they have finished with it. This doubling up of disinfecting protocols adds to the impression that everyone associated with the gym is on top of safety as much as possible.
Between each session there is a 15-minute gap where all the equipment is cleaned again prior to the next session. 
The waiting outside is kept to a minimum and access is a very slick process and in my opinion the whole experience from booking to session completion inspires complete confidence that everyone is fully aware of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Anyone who feels in any way hesitant due to the perceived risks should give the gym a chance and once they see the measures and competency of everyone involved in the new process, they will hopefully be reassured and feel confident enough to return to something close to what we used to enjoy.

One final thing, Leigh-Anne, any time I have been down, the staff on duty continue to be engaging and welcoming making time to chat to those of us with plenty of time on our hands. I know the entire team have and continue to work in challenging times and I for one would like to express my appreciation for all that has been done to get things back on track.

The Leisuredrome member
May 2021