Memberships & payments

We've put together some useful information regarding membership, this will be updated regularly. the majority of staff team will remain on furlough and will be returning on a phased basis from 2nd September to answer enquiries.


All inclusive direct debit month to month memberships/12month contract/EDC STAFF/Emergency Services membership/Swim/Paid in full/Adults, couples, concessions & juniors.

When will my Direct Debit restart?

If you pay on the 20th of the month your payments will re-start on 20 September

 If you pay on the 5th of the month your payments will re-start on 5 October

Can I continue freezing my DD membership?

We can continue to freeze your membership until 31 December; advise us by emailing:

I’m in a 12month contract but still wish to freeze?

No problem. Advise us at & you can continue with your remainder payments on your contract after the freeze.

Can I change my membership to Pay & Go?

I no longer wish to be a member; what should I do?

Email to advise of your cancellation; please also cancel with your bank.

I cancelled my DD membership but wish to re-join; what should I do?

You can re-join by first advising us at

Will I be penalised if I cancel my 12 month contract?

No, you will not be adversely affected by withdrawing from your contract

I’m in a couple membership but one of us still needs to freeze/cancel

No problem.  Email us to arrange this on

I paid upfront for an all inclusive membership, what happens next?

Your unused months will be added for you to use

Current Membership prices



PAY & GO/Centre membership

Will my Pay & Go annual membership be extended?

Yes,  6 months will be added to your membership upon re-opening

I’m P&G but I’m not ready to return; can I get a further extension?

Your membership will re-activate on 14 September ; please email us if you require a further extension up to 31 December

I want to upgrade my membership to monthly all inclusive

Email us to arrange this with no joining fee on