Sports Development Online booking - FAQs

View a list below of the frequently asked questions for the Sports Development online booking process.

Is this for all your classes?

At this time it will be available for Multi-Sport, Football and Gymnastics classes.  The only swimming lessons you can book on this system are Adult and Child (Pre School) and Some Adult classes.

Why can't we book all swimming online?

Swimming classes are progressive, meaning children move up to a higher level of class when they have achieved the learning outcomes. The system being introduced is not suitable for progressive classes, however swimming are working on a unique online booking system for their classes.

How do I book online?

Firstly, you must register.  If you are currently in a Gymnastics class, you will receive an e-mail by 06/10/2017.  The email has instructions about registering on ‘Horizons’ (our online booking system). Your e-mail will also give you a unique ‘person number’ for each child and you must complete the registration process for each child. Registration only takes a few minutes.

I am already registered on Horizons, can I not just use that for booking my child’s class?

No, The person number we have given you is unique to your child and links in to our database where we hold other information such as: medical information, emergency contacts etc. It is important that we have all this information during our classes.

When is it going to start?

Multi-Sport and Football classes are already on our system  and Gymnastics  and Adult and Child (Pre School) Swimming will be available for the November term.

Are the classes first come first served, or will I still get priority?

For classes that currently employ a priority system, this will remain.  Once the priority period is over, it will be first come first served.

The class shows as free, should I book this?

No, we are aware of an issue in the system. If the class shows as free please contact us, do not book the class as your booking will not be made.

I have another child but haven't had an email for them, how do I register them?

If your other child is already in one of our gymnastics classes then you will receive a separate email for them.  The emails are being issued is stages but will all have been issued by 07/10/2017.  If you have not heard from us by 12/10/2017 then please call us using the number on the email that you have received.

Can I book a class and pay later?

All classes must be paid for at the time of booking.  If no payment is made, then the booking will not be processed.  After payment is made, you will receive an email receipt confirming the class code and times.  Only at this point is the booking confirmed.

Can I reserve a place in a class?

No, all bookings must be paid for at the time.

I have a passport to leisure, will I still get a discounted price?

Yes, the person number we have given you takes account of the passport to leisure.  When booking a class you will still receive the discounted price. If this doesn’t happen please call the Sports Development team.

My friend told me about registering for online bookings.  I am not a member, how do I register?

This can be done by completing the online form, by telephone or at each centre. Once we have logged you onto our system we shall advise you of your unique user number and instruction on how to register.

I can’t see the class I want online, why is this?

There may be a couple of reasons for this: 

  1. Check you have selected the correct start month, some classes will start in November and some in December ( in the case of Tadpole and Frog Pre School Swimming the start dates may require a January or February start selection)

  2. Only classes that have spaces will show, therefore if you cannot find the class, it may well be full.

I registered but can't access my account

Did you select the link in the verification e-mail? Once you register, an email shall be sent from ‘OnlineBooking’ and you must complete this step to log in.