Adult and Child (pre-school) Class

What are Adult and Child / Pre School lessons?

Family swimmingOur Adult and Child programme aims to:

  • Aid physical development, their muscles, motor skills and co-ordination will all be challenged
  • Provide social interaction, teaching sharing and teamwork
  • Help with language development
  • Provide stimulation and excitement
  • Encourage independent movement with freedom to explore
  • Start children on a path to a lifetime involvement of physical activity
  • Teach safety first
  • Provide you both with potentially lifesaving skills
  • Provide skills and tips that can be practised at home or at the pool

Not many of us remember our first time in a swimming pool, but if you think about it, everything looks different. The size, the smell, the noise so it can be a little overwhelming!

Children pick up on body language through the adult they are with - from your voice, grip and facial expressions. If you are not sure about the pool environment please visit the pool before bringing your child. You can familiarise yourself with the layout and pass on this confidence to your child on the very first visit.

Favourite toys and teddies are welcome to watch from the side, we won’t even charge for them to spectate!

Classes are grouped by age and children do not need to achieve any learning outcomes to advance. Children only move up to the next age group class when they are old enough.

Details on how to book can be found by clicking here.