Adult Lessons

Adult Lessons - from totally terrified to those who just need some motivation!

We all know how difficult it is to learn to a new skill, and it feels like the older we get the more difficult it becomes! However, it is never too late to learn to swim, and like all new skills, whether it's learning a language or learning to swim,  the first step is the biggest. Fear and motivation can be the greatest challenges but once you have made that first move you will be surprised how easy it is. Honestly!

We realise that adults have different reasons for learning to swim, whether its a personal challenge, for fitness, something you have always promised yourself you would do, or maybe you watch people on holiday in the pool and think; 'I wish I could do that!' Our highly qualified teaching staff have a wealth of experience and will put you at ease and talk through what you want to achieve.

Unlike the children's lessons we do not have formal learning outcomes. Our adult classes will cater for your needs and go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

So put all the excuses to one side and make it happen, drop us a line or speak to a member of swimming staff, and remember, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Adult ‘Drop in’ Classes

If you maybe cannot commit to a term of lessons due to work or family commitments, our 'Drop In' class is exactly that, come along when you can, and is open to all abilities from non swimmer to those who need a little more practice in certain areas.

We have not yet reintroduced these classes but we hope to do so soon, so please check here for updates.