How to book (excluding Holiday Programmes)

Adult & Child and Pre School Lessons (children under 5 years old only) Born December 1 2012 or after

Those who are currently in lessons (August to November):

Lessons for next term shall be made using our ‘Horizons’ online booking system. All those who are attending lessons in the August to November Term have been e-mailed with details on both how to register and how to book. If you have not received these, please check all your inbox folders before contacting us.

Please note the following important dates:

09 to 15 October - All those wishing to remain in the same class must pay within this period

17  to 27 October – Anyone moving class, whether within the same age group, or up an age group will be able to book and pay online using the Horizons system.


Those who are not in lessons and wish to start:

Classes will be available to book from 28 October. Details on how to do access class details shall be advised here nearer the time. You can register your details by selecting the button:


Main Swimming Programme Lessons (children over 5 years old and adult lessons)

Those who were in lessons from August to November 2017
You shall receive an e-mail around 8th to 10 November advising you of the level your child has been assessed for next term. This e-mail shall also include a link to the timetable and online application form.

Your child shall also receive an assessment on the final lesson which shall detail the areas your child needs to practice. Remember, there is no such thing as failing in swimming, your child just hasn’t been able to demonstrate the skill to the necessary standard YET!

Those who are not in lessons and wish to start:

Booking forms will be available from around 18th November so please keep checking back regularly.

Please note that all dates are provisional and are subject to change – any changes shall be advertised here.

If your child can swim:

Children must be assessed to ensure that we can place them in a level appropriate to their ability. Generally, we would class a non swimmer as a child who cannot demonstrate an understanding of all 4 strokes (front and back crawl, breast stroke and butterfly). Our next assessments appointments will be on Tuesday 21 November. Please contact us for further information.

Provisional Term Dates: November to March

The November term starts on Monday 27 November and will run until Sunday 11 March 2018. The Christmas and New Year break shall be 18 December to 7 January inclusive.

Please note

*Adult & Child and Pre School lessons are for children aged up to 5 years old. Details above.

*Children 5 years old or over at the start of the term will go into our main lesson programme. Children born on or before 30/11/2012

*All dates for posting of information on our website is provisional and is subject to change.
*All correspondence will be made by e-mail.  All e-mails are responded to within 10 working days (Monday to Friday). If your enquiry is urgent please contact us by telephone.