Learn to Swim - Our Levels

We have 4 Main Levels that children advance through, Levels 1A and 1B  take place in the teaching pool and Levels 2 - 4 in the Main Pool.

Initially children are introduced to the pool rules, how to get in and out of the water safely and how to blow bubbles, float and regain a standing position.  By the time children reach Swim Skills 2 they will be able to demonstrate front and back crawl over at least 10m and have an understanding of breast stroke and butterfly.

All teaching pool classes are currently 25 minutes long.

Swim Skills 1A

This will be for children who have never been swimming before. It is a perfect introduction to the swimming pool. It will establish the basic safety rules, movement exercises and breathing practices.

Swim Skills 1B

Building on the skills learnt in Swim Skills 1A, swimmers are now developing technique over longer distances in preparation for main pool classes. Children must be able to demonstrate at leat 1om swim confidently in front and back crawl and they will also have an understanding of butterfly and breast stroke.

Swim Skills 2

Classes now take place in the shallow end of the main pool and distances will increase with more emphasis on breast stroke technique. Deep water practices are also introduced.

Swim Skills 3

Distances continue to increase and technique in all 4 strokes is now assessed. We are now looking for technique being maintained over longer distances. We shall also introduce some basic lifesaving techniques.

Swim Skills 4

Level 4 is our final Swim Skills Level and here we are focussing on distances of up to 50 metres with the swimmer being able to swim this continuously without stopping and maintaining their technique.  We shall also assess diving with transition into a stroke. After Swim Skills 4 swimmers can decide whether to attend our ‘Aqua Active’ class or move to a swim club.

Aqua Active

This class is 60 minutes long and introduces aquatic disciplines and activities as well as developing your child's swim skills further. The class is split into 2 sections, one concentrating on technique development and every 2 weeks we introduce a new activity such as Synchronised Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Lifesaving and Survival Swimming and finning (subject to availability) This is an excellent way for children to explore the variety of aquatic activities available to them.