Foundry Collection Project

Exploring the Foundries Collection

Through the kind support of Museums Galleries Scotland, we have an opportunity to expand the presence of our foundry collection online making this accessible for the communities of East Dunbartonshire as well as regional and national audiences.

Our initial estimate of the number of objects within the Museum Collection which were related to the foundries was of about 1000 objects. This turned out to be an underestimation, as by half way through it appeared there were closer to 3900!!

These objects included wooden, plaster and cast iron patterns, cast iron examples, iron founding tools, catalogues, leaflets, books and photographs. The minimal information held in our catalogue hid just how much there really was and the project looked as if it could grow arms and legs (and ears and shoulders for that matter!)

We are currently working our way through these objects to catalogue and identify each so that we can make this fantastic collection accessible to the public. There is still a long way to go to record and preserve all these objects and we look forwards to sharing this with you as we progress.

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Collection of Iron Works