Lillie Art Gallery Exhibitions

There are excellent exhibitions well worth seeing at the Lillie Art Gallery over the next couple of months.

Nets at Gott BayGlasgow Society of Women Artists

7 October – 2 November

This hugely popular annual exhibition includes exciting new work by the long established, multi-talented Glasgow Society of Women Artists. From traditional to dynamic abstract works in a wide range of mediums.

Image: Catherine King, ‘Nets at Gott Bay’

Image from Women's Work themeWomen’s Work – Being Seen

7 October – 2 November

This exhibition features the work of four female graduates from  Glasgow School of Art: Rowan Flint, Catriona Thomson, Hannah Lyth and Jade Sturrock.

‘A loose collective of female artists, independently researching the theme of ‘Women’s Work: Being Seen’.  From varying perspectives, we bring cultural, political, theoretical and practical elements of ‘Women’s Work’ together in the public eye and immerse ourselves in our findings. Collectively, we ask a great deal of the term ‘Woman’s Work’, accessing it through social origins; historical representations of the female form; traditional materials and crafts of womanhood and the various conflicting messages a woman in exhibition - ‘Being Seen’ - may receive. Often unveiling and installing our work on site, we allow the exhibition to emerge organically as links and conversations form between the works’.

Image: Hannah Lyth   

Street scene with girl'In This Place’ Margaret Mitchell

7 October – 2 November

'In This Place' (2016/17) looks at family and home, connections and place and touches on issues of social and personal inertia. Behind a personal familial connection sits a larger narrative of social mobility, environment and choice. Do we have choices in life or are some predetermined to an extent and made for us? Fundamentally, this is a story of people’s lives: what they do and what they want. It includes portraits of the photographer’s extended family who were first photographed as children in the work Family 1994.'

Exhibition is in association with Streetlevel Photoworks Glasgow.

Image: Margaret Mitchell, from the series 'In This Place' 

Opening Times

Tuesday to Saturday

10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm

Please note: The Lillie Art Gallery may be closed for installation or de-installation of exhibitions. Please telephone the gallery on 0141 956 5536 to check opening times if visiting the museum outwith exhibition dates.