Lillie Art Gallery Exhibitions

There are excellent exhibitions well worth seeing at the Lillie Art Gallery over the next couple of months.

SAVAGES - 13 January to 6 February

An Exhibition by Ian Cook

300 years ago numerous incursions were made into the unchartered lands of the Americas and Mexico. Caught between the colonial aspirations of European powers and Jefferson’s resolve to oversee manifest destiny, the culture of many indigenous races came close to extinction.

Across the waters in Africa and Asia the same unrestrained lust for riches both real and imagined, prevailed. Despite this rapacious crusade the peoples of these continents prevailed, retaining their long-practised traditions. These elements, both historical and contemporary, provide the basis for this exhibition, and focuses on man’s connection to beasts, the environment and his sometimes tenuous relationship with his fellow human beings.

This exhibition comprises of historical, cultural and contemporary aspects of the peoples who still inhabit these lands and other continents. Despite the shameless treatment of them by our forefathers, they prevailed and, today, more than ever, are able to teach us a salutary lesson in how to save the Earth.

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Scotland's Far North  - 15 February to 12 March 2020

These three bodies of work from the late 1970s provide a unique insight into Scotlandʼs remote landscape, islands and people. Glyn Satterleyʼs series presents a document of life in the neglected area of Caithness and Sutherland at a time when the myth was much banded about that the oil industry brought wealth and prosperity to the whole of Scotland. Chick Chalmers ʻOrkneyʼ project and Tom Kiddʼs ʻShetlandʼ both present fascinating photographic insights of these island archipelago's at a time of change with the effects of the oil industry on the traditional life of these cultures. Candid and sympathetic, the images show that Scotlandʼs Far North managed to take its place in the modern world without losing too many of the customs and traditions which give these places their special character and ethos.

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Our members embrace the vision of creativity, imagination and innovation in the field of embroidery, as well as re-visiting traditional methods that have fallen out of fashion.  Come along to our exhibition and enjoy our continuing journey.

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Young People’s Art 2020: Future Ideas - 21 March – 22 April

This year’s annual exhibition will showcase selected works by all Saturday Art Classes delivered by EDLC Arts & Events Programme based within our cultural venues.

An inspiring exhibition of traditional drawing and painting, sculptural and conceptual ideas translating our young people’s vision for the future. 

A highlight show for families and young people in East Dunbartonshire. 

The annual exhibition allows the young people of East Dunbartonshire a professional exhibition setting and platform to highlight their views, aspirations and talents through creativity. Within the setting of a professional exhibition space.

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Tuesday to Saturday

10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm

Please note: The Lillie Art Gallery may be closed for installation or de-installation of exhibitions. Please telephone the gallery on 0141 956 5536 to check opening times if visiting the museum outwith exhibition dates.