School to club links

Active Schools work within the wider community in order to provide children and young people a pathway for their participation in sport and physical activity.

We form links and partnerships with local community sports clubs to strengthen these pathways and provide sustainable school to club programmes.

Taster Sessions

Active Schools work with local community sports clubs to offer free taster sessions within schools with the aim of promoting their club and sport or activity to a number of children.


The Active Schools team co-ordinates a variety of programmes throughout the school year to allow children to be active and experience a variety of sports and activities. Wherever possible these programmes work with local sports clubs and volunteers to increase the opportunity for school to club participation.

Promotion and Awareness

Active Schools Coordinators assist local community sports clubs who wish to work with East Dunbartonshire Schools to create a safe and fun environment for children to participate in their chosen sport.

If you are a Club and are interested in working with us, please contact the Active Schools Team.

Disability Sport Opportunities

Active Schools are currently striving to improve communication with the parents of children with a disability who attend a mainstream school.  This is in order to directly provide information on relevant sport and physical activity opportunities available in the local and surrounding communities.  If you would like to receive such information or have any questions regarding this please contact the Active Schools Team.