Leisure Hub Bookings

Looking to join?  Please register on Leisure Hub and select a membership

Make your class and activity bookings here.

In order to make an online booking, you will need to log on to Leisure Hub our online booking system. We no longer use Horizons, so all members must reregister on Leisure Hub

Please note that your account requires a valid email address. The email address that we send your membership information to is the email to is the one that we hold on our system and is the one you should use to register.

Please note the following before proceeding;

  • Most bookable classes can be booked online
  • All bookings are subject to availability
  • Please read our terms and conditions before making an online booking (see below)



The person registering for online bookings must be the registered EDLC Member for the Membership

Card being used. Membership Cards are not transferable.


Centre memberships

All bookings made online must be “paid for” online at the time of booking.

All Inclusive Memberships

For all activities included in your membership, use Quick Book. You will receive an email confirmation of the booking

For all paid bookings, these must be “paid for” online at the time of booking.


The cardholder must be attending the activity and must report to reception with the Membership Card before the activity commences or the booking will be logged as “failed to attend”.

Booking Penalties

If you can’t go let us know!

EDLC will introduce a penalty system for ‘no-shows’ at classes and activities on 31 August 2023.

So, if you can’t go to your pre-booked class or activity please let us know; you can cancel via EDLC app, web browser, phone or in person.

If members fail to attend a pre-booked class or activity the a £1 penalty must be paid prior to any other bookings being made.  The £1 penalty will be automatically applied to your member record and can easily be paid by one of three ways:

  • In person at Reception
  • Online via Leisure Hub
  • Over the telephone to Reception

Please remember to always check in for your class or activity at the Reception/Kiosk so we know you’re there – we don’t want you to incur a £1 penalty for not checking in!

Thank you for your co-operation.