Sports Council

How can we help your sports club?

Coach education grants

Coach Education grants are available for all coaching/officiating courses, grants are awarded in the following categories:

Modules, CPD, child protection, 1st aid, etc          25% of course fee up to a maximum of £50 (per person)
Level 1 (assistant coach) 50% of course fee up to a maximum of £75 (per person)
Level 2 (club coach) 75% of course fee up to a maximum of £100 (per person)
Level 3 (senior coach) 100% of course fee up to a maximum of £150 (per person)

Talented Sports Performer (TSP)

Talented Sports Performer (TSP) grants are also available in the following categories:

Name of Grant


Level of Award

Sports Award Scheme

must be current Scottish or British Champion or Scottish or British squad members

Up to £200

Leg-up Award

for those at district/regional level aiming for national squads

Up to £100


Affiliated clubs can take part in our annual raffle where, not only can club members win some fabulous prizes but your club can benefit in the process by making £4 towards club funds for every £5 book of raffle tickets sold (individual tickets sold for £1), subject to availability.

We can also help you to:

  • Share information and resources with other local clubs and learn from their experiences
  • Make important local connections with Active School Co-ordinators, Elected Members, Sports Development Officers, etc.
  • Keep up-to-date with developments in various local, regional and national organisations e.g. the sportscotland, etc.

Who are we? 

East Dunbartonshire Sports Council (Sport ED) was formed in 1996 and is made up of a group of volunteers that represents a variety of sports and organisations throughout East Dunbartonshire. The Executive Committee is elected each year at the AGM and consists of up to 14 members of local sports clubs and two elected members. The office bearers on the Executive Committee are:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary – provided by East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust
  • Grants Convenor
  • Treasurer – appointed by East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust