Application for admission to Athlete Performance Programme

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Part A: Completing the form

After completing the application form it will be passed to your PE teacher and your coach for them to validate. 

Part B: Selection

Applicants will be invited to attend a selection session which may be individual or group orientated. The session will last up to a total of two hours. The sessions will include the following:

• Co-ordination and the ability to understand and follow instructions
• Creative ability, decision making, awareness and teamwork
• General physical attributes
• Overall aptitude

Part C: Results of the selection process

On completion of the session the panel will make its final decision. We will notify candidates of the result of the selection process. You will be required to attend your chosen facility in order to complete your application prior to commencing your confirmed place. This will involve completing a Direct Debit mandate.  

Candidates may receive notification of one of the following:

• A provisional place which they then accept or decline
• A reserve place which they can accept or decline
• No place

The decision of the selection panel is final at all stages of the application process.