Local Publications

Sale of local publications

The following is a list of publications on sale at libraries in East Dunbartonshire and also from the Auld Kirk Museum, Kirkintilloch. These make great gifts or souvenirs for anyone interested in the history of the area.

Buy a copy at your local library or contact us archives@eastdunbarton.gov.uk to arrange for a title to be posted to you (additional postage and packaging fees will apply).

Price Publication Publication Price


A I Bowman

The Gipsy O'Kirky: SS Gipsy Queen. (1987)

Dorothy E McGuire

Agricultural Improvement in Strathkelvin 1750-1850 (1988)



A I Bowman

Swifts and Queens: Passenger Transport on the Forth and Clyde Canal (1984)

Don Martin

The Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway (1981)



Freda Bunyan and Neil Kidd

The Story of Stepps (1996)

Don Martin.

The Monkland and Kirkintilloch and Associated Railways (1995)



Bill Findlay

Auchinairn and Bishopbriggs at War (1995)

Don Martin.

The Story of Lenzie (1989)



Bill Findlay

Canal Seasons (3rd revised ed., 2001)

Don Martin and A A Maclean

Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Guidebook (1992)



Bill Findlay

Educating Auchinairn and Bishopbriggs 1896-1996. (1996)

William B Black

The Bennie Railplane (2004)



Forth and Clyde Canal Society Forth and Clyde Canal Guidebook (3rd revised ed., 2001)

Loretta Mulholland

Campsie Glen Picture Album (1988)



John Horne, ed.

Kirkintilloch: by Select Contributors (Reprint, 1993)

David Roberts

For to do the Country Good: the Working Horse in West Central Scotland (1987



Neil Kidd

The Story of Chryston (1993)

Sheena V Peters

Remains to be Seen: A Brief History of Bearsden and Milngavie (2nd ed., 1994)



Kincaids of that Ilk (1990)

G Quail

Garnkirk Fireclay (1985)



James Lindsay

Milton of Campsie: People and Places (1992)

Elizabeth Robertson and Willie Ure

The Story of Baldernock (1991)



Cecilia McDaid

The Catholic Church in Strathkelvin (1996)

J A Russell

The Story of Bishopbriggs (Reprint, 1989)



Sue Selwyn and Don Martin

Kirkintilloch: Life and Times (1994)

Strathkelvin Mining Project Team

Bridgend: a Scottish Colliery Village (1984)



Jessie and Willie Ure

Bishopbriggs: the Golden Years (1987)

Tintock: a Canal-side Village (1991)



Iain M Smith

The Story of Twechar (1994)

Willie Ure

Bishopbriggs: the Years of Growth (1989)