Children's Classes

Booking your class

Booking for classes starting in August will be done by completion of a web form asking for you and your child’s details.  We will have most of your child’s details already but this process ensures our records are up to date.  We need your details as you will be the payer for the class and also if you have more than one child attending classes we’ll be able to link you all up together.

We’ll be sending out the link to the web form in stages  Each sport will be sent at a different time over the summer to allow our staff time to process them with restricted access to our offices. We might need to call you to check the information, if we do you’ll notice it’s an 0300 number.

Details of classes and times will be available shortly on the website.  The dates and times of classes will be similar to those we had before summer.  We are still restricted with space and class numbers.  However as this changes we hope to increase both the number of classes we can offer and also the number of children that can attend each class. We are aiming to start classes on week beginning 30August 2021

Class dates

We’ll be running classes each week throughout the school term.  There will be a maximum of 40 weeks of classes per year.  We’ll have a break at Christmas, Easter, Summer and one week in October.  Your DD payment is based on 38 weeks of classes with up to 2 weeks free as long as we do not have to cancel your class for any reason. Sample planners for 2021 and 2022 are available here (link to PDF)


We’re moving to Direct Debit payments.  So we’ll require you to complete a DD mandate with your bank account details.  This will be part of the web form. 

Payments will be taken on either the 5th or 20th of the month.  If you already have an EDLC DD membership this means you’ll be able to pick the same collection date for all EDLC payments.

Your details will be checked to ensure it’s your account and that it’s valid for DD collections.  Again, if we have any questions we’ll give you a call.

As we are running for up to a maximum of 40 weeks, we’ll only collect payments for 10 months of the year.  No payment will be collected in July or January. In the unfortunate event that we have to cancel more than 2 weeks classes out of the year, we’ll simply reduce your next DD payment to reflect the missed class.

Remember that once you’re booked onto a class, you won’t need to rebook and pay every 4 months. Your DD will continue as long as your child stays in the class.


  • Learn to Swim                                                                                £20 per month
  • Football, gymnastics or multi-sport (45-60 minute classes)      £19 per month
  • Football, gymnastics or multi-sport (90 minute classes)           £23 per month

Concession rates are available where appropriate at a 35% discount for all 3 categories above. The concession criteria is available here in the Concession section Membership options | EDLC

A sibling discount of 10% is available where you have more than one child attending football, gymnastics or multi-sport classes (not available on Learn to Swim membership). The first child pays full price, the others pay 10% less.


A second sport discount of 10% is also available for football gymnastics or multi-sport classes where your child is paying for their first sport

Please note you will only have this discount applied once, so if one of your family receives the sibling discount, there is no further discount for a second sport.


Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, capacity within our classes and facilities is still limited to ensure the safety of staff and customers.  Please bear with us as restrictions change as it may take a little longer for us to adapt depending on facility access and staff availability.

Our Learn to Swim programme will change – We are moving to the National Framework for Swimming in Scotland, so there will be changes for those in levels 1 - 8. There shall be fewer levels and the learning outcomes shall also change, these will now be called ‘exit criteria’. Over this past term teachers have been assessing children against the new criteria and we shall advise you of the level you should attend next term. In addition to the changes in the framework, you shall also have access to a ‘swimming portal’ online where you shall be able to track your child’s progress.

Swimming Development shall contact all who attended the May – June 21 term directly over the summer to give further details on the changes.

Our Adult & Child (pre-school) class structures will remain unchanged, however we will not be able to timetable these classes initially for August as we work within the continuing Covid restrictions, however we shall reintroduce classes as soon as it is safe to do so.

If you have any questions you can

Email us at

Or call us on 0141 578 8806 between the hours of 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday.