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East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Cultural Trust are delighted to offer all volunteers the opportunity to volunteer. Volunteers are an essential part of our community. EDLC rely on volunteers to make our programmes and events a success. Without volunteers, many of our clubs, groups, programmes and events simply would not run!

Volunteer With Us

No matter where you are on your volunteering journey, please see the opportunity to develop by simply selecting the development areas listed below.

Development Areas

If you are working towards your Saltire Award or Duke of Edinburgh we have a few options on how you can build up your hours with EDLC Trust. We can also offer the opportunity to work alongside qualified coaches in our sports development classes where we cover a wide range of sports and levels. Finally, we have a number of local clubs within our communities where you could offer your time supporting their club vision and assisting with their activities.

The coaches and coordinators working with you would be able to sign off on your hours, give you help and pointers to help you develop and help you work along our volunteer pathway.

Understandability you may have a question or a number of questions around volunteering, please see some of the questions we have received to date, if you feel you have the same or similar question please complete the online application and we can get back to you.

  • Is volunteering for me?
  • Will I get paid work at the end of my volunteering?
  • How and where can I volunteer?
  • What are some good digital volunteer opportunities?
  • Where can I do my volunteer hours?
  • Will sport clubs and the community really benefit from my presence? How?
  • Are there any circumstances where my lack of experience can hinder me from volunteering?
  • How much time is really needed for me to have a positive effect on a sports club and the community?
  • Can I volunteer online?

One of the more well-known benefits of volunteering is the effect on the community. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills.

How do you get involved in local communities?

Below are eight ways you can get involved in your own community.

  • EDVA
  • Look for local events
  • Volunteer your time
  • Donate your resources
  • Shop locally
  • Join a class or group
  • Support your local sports teams
  • Organise your own event

The Active Schools Team supports a vast network of volunteers across East Dunbartonshire.

Each experience can be tailored to match your strengths and interests meaning maximum fulfilment and enjoyment for you.

We are continually looking to engage with new volunteers.

Are you looking to gain coaching experience?


  • Learn new skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Meet people and make new friends
  • Contribute towards your community
  • Have fun!

You will also have access to our Volunteer Training Programme below, giving you the opportunity to learn new skills in preparation for leading/supporting clubs.

There is a wide variety of volunteering roles and hundreds of Sports clubs and organisations that would love to have your support should you decide to volunteer. They will help and support you, whilst some clubs will fund courses to develop your ability and skills to perform the role.

People choose to volunteer for many different reasons, we feel volunteering in sport is one of the most rewarding ways to contribute to your local community, and gain skills for your own development, here are some benefits:

10 excellent reasons to volunteer:

  • It’s good for your health
  • It boosts your career opportunities
  • You’ll learn new skills
  • You’ll gain real-world experience
  • You’ll make an impression
  • You’ll help to empower others
  • You’ll make real connections
  • You’ll become a part of the community
  • You’ll have fun
  • You’ll gain a whole new perspective

If your end goal from volunteering is to gain paid work in coaching or within a department in EDLC Trust then we have a couple of options.  Volunteering alongside our Sports Development coaches will give you an insight into how our classes work and give you the opportunity to receive feedback on any sessions you do.  We regularly advertise for sports coaches to join our coaching team.

If you have been volunteering for a few hours a week you will then have a better understanding of our programmes and knowledge of how we manage our sessions which will give you a better opportunity when it comes to interview.

We also have a link with sportscotland where we can support with finding and applying for jobs suitable with you once you feel comfortable and have the right level of experience to apply

Football Development

Scott Murray
Assistant Football Development Officer
East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust
0141 578 8431
Scottish FA Central region

Gymnastics Development

Caroline Alexander
Gymnastics Development Officer
East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust
0141 578 8441

Multi Sports

Chris Hynes
Multi Sport Coordinator
East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust
0141 578 8437
EDLC Multi Sports

Swimming Development

David Walker
Swimming Development Officer
Sports Development
0141 578 8445


Please complete this form detailing your qualifications and experience to submit your application to volunteer with East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Cultural Trust (EDLCT)