Fitness Class Timetables

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Booking Penalties

If you can’t go let us know!

EDLC will introduce a penalty system for ‘no-shows’ at classes and activities on 31 August 2023.

So, if you can’t go to your pre-booked class or activity please let us know; you can cancel via EDLC app, web browser, phone or in person.

If members fail to attend a pre-booked class or activity the a £1 penalty must be paid prior to any other bookings being made.  The £1 penalty will be automatically applied to your member record and can easily be paid by one of three ways:

  • In person at Reception
  • Online via Leisure Hub
  • Over the telephone to Reception

Please remember to always check in for your class or activity at the Reception/Kiosk so we know you’re there – we don’t want you to incur a £1 penalty for not checking in!

Thank you for your co-operation


Timetables for fitness classes


Allander Leisure Centre

                Allander timetable monday and tuesdayAllander timetable Wednesday and ThursdayAllander timetable friday, saturday and sunday

Les Mills virtual Programme  Les Mills Virtual body pump Guide for participants new to body pump Keep your eyes on the instructors and messages on the screen to help guide you through the workout and listen for the key information for what equipment you'll need at each stage Before starting, its wise to select a step, risers bar and weight plates. Only use a weighted bar if you've taken part in a body pump class previously and are comfortable with what weights you are capable of lifting. If you find during the workout that your bar and weights are too heavy the please remove the weights to avoid injury and use the bar without any weight.


Timetable      Page time timetable


Monday & Tuesday timetable       Leisuredrome timetable Wednesday and Thursday     Timetable Friday-Sunday

Virtual spin leisuredrome


Huntershill timetable

NHS Vitality Classes

Vitality Classes at EDLC We have a range of exercise classes suitable for people with varying physical abilities and medical conditions. These classes are designed to help participants carry out daily activities more easily and make daily life more manageable. Allander Leisure Centre Day Time Class Instructor Monday 9.00am Step In Elma Tuesday 1.30pm Strength & Balance Ena Tuesday 2.30pm Strength & Balance Circuit Ena Wednesday 2.00pm Strength & Balance Elma Wednesday 3.15pm Step In Circuit Elma Friday 1.30pm Step In Carol Huntershill Community Sports Hub Day Time Class Instructor Tuesday 12.00pm Parkinsons Tina Thursday 10.15am Strength & Balance Circuit Tina Thursday 11.30am Strength and Balance Tina Thursday 12.30pm Parkinsons Tina Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre Day Time Class Instructor Monday 2.45pm Strength and Balance Circuit Michelle Tuesday 9.15am Step In Tina Tuesday 1.15pm Strength and Balance Circuit Tina Wednesday 10.15am Strength & Balance Michelle Friday 2.30pm Step In Susan Leisuredrome Day Time Class Instructor Monday 10.00am Step In Wednesday 2.00pm Strength and Balance Circuit Ena Michelle Vitality e sustainable thriving achieving East Dunbartonshire Council EDLE ED LEISURE+CULTURE

Information on Les Mills Classes

We allow ages 14+ to attend all fitness classes with the exception of body pump, body attack, body combat. body balance, yoga and vitality. spin would depend on the participants leg length


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